My Work

  • Battle Damage Leonardo!
  • Art for Brighton, UK skate punx Gnarwolves!
  • Tee design for Sydney's best crossover thrash punx Disintegrator!
  • Slime Cult Logo

    Logo design for my Slime Cult clothing label.
    Slime Cult Logo
  • Slime Cult

    T Shirt design for my own clothing label, Slime Cult, coming soon from Too Far Gone screenprinting!
    Slime Cult
  • Clowns

    T Shirt design for Melbourne hardcore punks Clowns!
  • Beast-Bacca

    Another commission for ETC toys for their bootleg resin figure: Beast-Bacca!
  • ETC Toys Trucker Logo

    A logo I created for the collectible toy producer ETC Toys. Printed on stickers and up coming shirts!
    ETC Toys Trucker Logo
  • Lulubell Ape Beast

    Winning contest entry for the draw off 'Lulubell Toy Bodega'. I bagged myself a limited edition clear blue resin ape!
    Lulubell Ape Beast
  • Nerdgore Sticker 2

    Second sticker design, coming soon!
    Nerdgore Sticker 2
  • Nerdgore Sticker 1

    Sticker design, coming soon!
    Nerdgore Sticker 1
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